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Sitcom fanatic

Are you a SITCOM FANATIC? Do you know what is A SITCOM?
First of all, SITCOM is the abreviation of situation comedy. A good example of this kind of TV program is Friends or A grande família (Rede Globo).
I love Sitcoms and series also.
I´m a seris fanatic.
I watch everything tha end at my PC (not TV...).
I first started with the classic: 90210 (Here in Brazil was translated as "Barrados no baile"). I think I started watching it when I was 17 maybe 18 years old and it was a great hit here in Brazil. Do you remember Brendo and Brenda, the twin brothers? She was terrible, almost evil, and he was fabulous and good; the example of the good guy. There was also Dylan, who loved Kelly. And Donna (who was still virgin at the age of 16) and her sympathetic boyfriend David;
and Andrea, who was always in love with her best friend Brendo and Steve, the funny guy... I remember them all.
After 90210 was the moment of MELROSE PLACE. I was more like a grown up then. 20, 21 years old, In college. Life was easier if we lived in Melrose Place...
Ver imagem em tamanho grande

Finally it was the Ninities. And so I´ve found out Warner Channel and Sony.
And Friends. ***

I LOVE FRIENDS!!!! I have the DVDs, the seasons, I´ve watched all the episodes, and I simply love Jennifer Aniston (Rachel). With Friends, I learned to love Gilmore Girls too (one thing led to another, so...) and the amazing dialogues between Rory and Lorelai. I think that all young mothers (like me) see themselves in the relation (perfect) that Lorelai has built with daughter Rory. Friendship, trust, confidence, love.

Besides Gilmore Girls and Friends, as they both came to an end (and what was sadder than the last episode of Friends, the six of them at the empty apartment together, I cried all over...) I had to see and to choose new buddies to watch and to become addict.

I´ve found the crime ones: Cold Case Ver imagem em tamanho grande

CSI Las Vegas (I love Grissom, he´s so charming... and of course Warrick, but they killed him, don´t know why...), The Mentalist (not so much, still trying to get addicted to it)... CSI Las Vegas is my favorite of all. I have watched all the seasons untill Grissom decided to live in a forest with that broing Sarah. Why?? Why???Without Grisson CSI Las Vegas is not the same, something is missing!!
Please bring Grissom back!!! Ver imagem em tamanho grande
GRISSOM (Actor Marg Helgenberger)
The cast of CSI Las Vegas

Now, it´s time for the Vampires: The vampire Diaries, of course. I´m simply in love with them. I mean, with HIM: Damon Salvatore.
And who wouldn´t?
Tell me, how could you not love this vampire? Only Elenea!!! Oh please, Elena, take a good look at him and see for yourself. He´s a way better than his older brother Stephan, althought he´s not a bad one either.But, you know even Elena is something... she´s really beautiful. As Elena or as Katherine.

I´ve read the books (all four) and I have to be honest here. I prefer the series. This is the first time that something like thins happens, because the series is better than the books. The characters are richer and well played by the actors and the books are a little foolish and the series aren´t.

We can´t forget TRUE BLOOD, also based on a book series by the writer Charlaine Harris. In this case, I cannont say which is better, the books or the series. The book is called The Sookie Stackhouse´s novels, which tells the adventures of the telepath Sookie Stackhouse.


In the first book, Dead until dark, the vampires finally decide to reveal themelves to the world ("they came out of the coffin") and she meets vampire Bill Compton
stephen-moyerand of course falls in love with him.
After that, all the books (Dead until dark, Livind dead in Dallas, Club dead, Dead to the world, Deadv as a doornail, Definitely dead, All together dead, From dead to worse, Dead and gone and the new one Dead in the family - released in May 2010) relate an adventure of Sookie and the vampires or the werewolves or the fairies or the shapshifters...

The last one, but not least important...

GOSSIP GIRL. The perfect one. My favorite series of all. I´ve first started watching this series because of my students, who told me to do so. I thought it was a teenage thing, like Supernatural or the new version of 90210. But I was wrong. Gossip Girl is a younger version of Sex and the City (which I love, by the way) but with much more gossip and intrigue. It´s a friendship series too based on the relation of Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf.

serena and blair
These two beauties try to fight for the love of Nate on the first season (Nate wa the eternal boyfriend of Blair, but he had a crush on Serena), but their friendship stays on the first place as always. They fight, they argue, they game, but in the end, they forgive and they are friends, good friends. Besides that, we have Chuck Bass. The cynic, smart, rich, charming and irresistible Chuck. The love of Blair and Chuck was something fooly and now is the best thing of the show. On the first season they started as a revenge on Nate; they continued as a couple on the second season (for me the best scenes are theirs) and finally commited on the third season.

Chuck & Blair
Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass forever!!!

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